Sustainability Reporting

We help our clients report on their sustainability initiatives by delivering reports that include details of progress and achievement of relevant goals and objectives against industry standards.

Corporate Social Responsibility

We help our clients effectively address ethical as well as societal concerns regarding business strategy and leading to sustainable growth and enhanced reputation and value.

Everything you need for a sustainable transformation.

Organisations find that measurement, accountability and reporting of progress to their stakeholders and shareholders in a streamlined fashion is often challenging especially around sustainability goals and KPIs. There is a need to present and quantify strategy against action to reflect the ethos and values.
Resources and cost constraints along with a lack of strategic vision pose a significant barrier to implement successful corporate social responsibility. Awareness, practice transformation as well a strategic alignment is imperative.
Strategy Development
Compliance Standards
CSR Engagement

Our investment towards Sustainability

Helping businesses transform involves rethinking strategy at a deeper level. This is a reason that has brought us to weave the UN Sustainable Development Goals into our own practice.
  • Promoting work-life balance and wellbeing in our teams
  • Engaging in ongoing training and knowledge across clientele and internal teams
  • Empowering women through technology
  • Enabling towards youth employability through training programmes for sustainable economic growth
  • Making information and communication technologies more accessible and promoting digital inclusion
  • Creating a workplace with equal pay and opportunities for everyone
  • Supporting businesses in the adoption of sustainable practices and implementing sustainable practices in our own consumption
  • Ensuring effective, transparent and accountable business practices through responsive, inclusive and representative decision-making
  • Fostering cooperation by knowledge sharing to make science, technology and innovation more accessible
Inbusi supports the Sustainable Development Goals

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