Customer Momentum with Okta Access Gateway

In order to stay competitive in today’s modern world, organizations need to effectively leverage technology. That’s why they’re adopting more cloud applications than ever before: according to our most recent Businesses @ Work report, large companies are deploying 163 apps on average. And over the past four years, our large customers have increased their number of deployed apps by 68%. At the same time, 85% of the world’s largest organizations plan to have at least a third of their applications still running on-premises. This explosion of cloud, paired with the required maintenance of on-prem solutions, leads to challenges for the world’s largest organizations: namely, managing a hybrid IT environment.

That’s why we introduced Okta Access Gateway at Oktane19, to extend the power of Okta Single Sign-On (SSO) and Multifactor Authentication (MFA) to on-prem systems. Okta Access Gateway enables organizations with hybrid IT environments to achieve simple and secure resource management across their legacy and cloud systems. It helps customers significantly cut the costs of the infrastructure needed to manage legacy identity system, and collapses the operational costs of managing and patching those systems. In addition, with Okta Access Gateway, customers can now unify their security with the latest MFA across all applications, whether cloud or on-prem, enabling organizations to move away from identity silos. Ultimately, it empowers organizations to standardize their identity platform from cloud-to-ground with Okta.



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